Acerich Acerich Stainless Steel Metal Straws with Cleaning Brush (Set of 6)

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1. Our stainless steel straws are BPA free, food grade, and dishwasher safe.
2. 8.5 inch length and extra wide (3/8 inch) diameter perfect for thick smoothies.
3. Rust and scratch proof 18/8 stainless steel.
4. Set of 6 wide straws and 2 cleaning brushes, works great for to-go cups, mason jars, ball jars, and more.
5. Wide straw for blended drinks, smoothies, iced-tea, coffee and cappuccino.
6. Perfect for camping, boating as well all around the house, out on the patio, at barbeques and picnics.
7. Environmentally friendly design, use the same straws for years, rather then wasting so many plastic straws.
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